Cleaning Services Company Spring Clean Their Time And Attendance / Workforce Management System

The old paper based time and attendance system is thrown out with the refuse, as cleaning company seek to make their payroll system crystal clear.

Slate NYC Improves Workforce Management Processes at Multiple Locations with NOVAtime 4000 Time and Attendance / Workforce Management Solution

(PRWEB) October 08, 2013

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (, a leading provider of enterprise TIme and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions, announced that Slate NYC has chosen to utilize the robust NOVAtime 4000 solution to manage its workforce across multiple business locations, allowing the company to effectively reduce errors through streamlined time and attendance processes.


Slate NYC is an eco-affordable dry cleaning, home cleaning, and janitorial service based in New York City, used by more than 5,000 people in New York and around the world. Since its founding in 2007, Slate NYC had relied on a paper-based system for its time and attendance records. Employees, many of whom visited multiple locations each day, had to remember the specific locations and hours they worked. After returning to the office, they would first fill out paper forms, which would then be manually entered into computers. This system was time-consuming for both mobile employees and office personnel, and prone to error and risk.

“Managing time and attendance records becomes very complicated when you have a workforce working in multiple locations,” said Miguel Zabludovsky, founder of Slate NYC. “If you added up all the hours that everyone involved put into the process, it was significant.” Despite the inefficiencies of manual time collection, the deciding factor arose when two employees alleged that they had been underpaid—Zabludovsky knew it was time to upgrade the company’s time and attendance processes.

Slate NYC discovered the ideal solution in the NOVAtime 4000 Workforce Management system. NOVAtime 4000 is a fully-integrated system complete with time and attendance, scheduling, accrual, leave, and reporting features and functionality. Additionally, NOVAtime offers native mobile applications for Apple iOS and Android devices, making it a perfect choice for Slate NYC, whose majority of employees are mobile.

Today, Slate NYC’s full-time employees log time through NOVAtime smartphone apps, and NOVAtime 4000 tightly integrates with the Slate NYC’s payroll system. “Mobile time reporting with NOVAtime, connected to our payroll processing system, is a perfect solution that saves us so much time and makes our operations seamless,” stated Zabludovsky. “It’s easier to see what hours everyone has logged, and it literally takes three clicks to process payroll.” The NOVAtime solution virtually eliminates the risk of error and helps ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other federal, state, and local labor laws. Furthermore, geo-location tagging in smartphones helps provide assurance that employees worked at the times and locations they reported, and deters any temptation for fraudulent entries. Brian Harris, VP of Client Services at NOVAtime, adds, “It really is an end-to-end solution for adding data collection to the payroll process, with a key aspect being compliance with labor laws.”

In addition to streamlining time and attendance processes, NOVAtime 4000 also gives Slate NYC room to grow. Zabludovsky plans to double his workforce within a year and previously, this would have meant double the back-end administrative work for time and attendance. However, since NOVAtime 4000 is fully scalable to suit any business size, Slate NYC does not have to worry about the future growth of the company. Zabludovsky expressed that “the ability to scale our organization to twice as big as it is now is one of the benefits of NOVAtime.”

NOVAtime 4000 has truly streamlined time and attendance processes for Slate NYC and provided the company with a scalable growth platform that has eliminated the inefficiencies of the previous manual system.

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Summary:  The problem of keeping track of the time and attendance of so many mobile employees, over so many sites does require a workforce management solution that is adaptable and proven.  The FaceTime  attendance system will enable accurate records to be available at a moments notice.

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