Time Attendance at Yankee Candle

American firm the Yankee Candle Co have chosen local Company Facetime Ltd, as suppliers for their new time attendance system for their new national distribution centre.

Loyal staff and employees burnt the candle at both ends, in their attempt to hit the deadline for the move from their old Warehouse site at Almondsbury North Bristol, to their brand new  170,000 sq ft Warehouse.

Facetime Ltd have supplied and maintained time attendance systems for Yankee Candle for over 15 years at their old site in Almondsbury.

But,  Facetime did not win the new contract on loyalty alone, a tender was put out to several time attendance Companies and the equipment finally chosen was TimeNet offered by Facetime which beat the competition hands down on price and functionality.

Yankee Candle wanted a system that was affordable, and had the staying power and functionality to grow with the demands of this rapidly expanding American firm.

The TimeNet time and attendance solution was installed and commissioned in perfect time for the opening of the new Warehouse.

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