Finger Printing in Schools

The Media Hype Against Finger Print School Attendance Registration, Cashless Vending and Biometric Class Registration Systems Continues.

Biometrics and the recording and storing of School Children’s fingerprints for attendance and class registration, continues to irritate  campaigners against state surveillance. It’s Orwellian implications still haunt a lot of people who are fearful of having their every move scrutinised and recorded.  And to be honest we all like our privacy, but should we be fearful of finger printing school pupils for attendance and class registration, after all pupils have the choice to opt out of the biometric registration process, and can be issued with a plastic card instead.

So whats the problem?

Here is an interesting news item from the North of  England about this very touchy subject.

Campaign Against Finger Printing in Schools

Should we allow finger printing of minors in our schools? Easier registration, keeping track of library books on loan, saving time in the dinner queue, cashless catering…



The technology is in our opinion going to increase security of our School Children, and protecting our kids must be a good thing.  They can as we said opt in or opt out of Biometric Registration, it’s their choice, they have and always will have the freedom to choose.

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