Attendance time clocks protect your profits

Don’t Give Your Profits Away, Invest In Our Attendance Time Clock System And Keep Your Finger On The Pulse Of Your Business.

It happens all the time without even being noticed, payment errors, employees taking more than their allotted holiday entitlement, the list goes on and on, a simple remedy is to introduce an attendance time clock software system and bring things back under control, while theres still time.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

shutterstock_2338696MinuteHound, the provider of time and attendance systems using a fingerprint scanner which attaches to an existing PC, has now eliminated the need for even the shared standard PC. Reducing costs and adding flexibility, customers with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have another option. MinuteHound scanners, available for under $100, can now be installed with a minimal thin client at very little cost. The rest of the MinuteHound system, as always, is located “in the cloud.”

The convenience of MinuteHound’s attendance time clock has been their quick installation to an existing PC nearby. A convenient and quick way to begin or expand the use of the company’s scanners, companies that are removing PCs in favor of server-based “virtual” environments have the option of using low-cost “thin client” technology for the scanner connection. Some thin clients may still be PC replacements in use in an office or other workplace. With the price of virtualized PC hardware dropping to near or below $100 in some cases, new options have arrived.

In addition to wall mounted clients, similar-sized thin clients can be combined with a fingerprint scanner for a mobile unit which can be relocated as needed wherever network access to the virtualization servers is available. If additional time clock capacity is needed either temporarily, for example to handle a large production order, or long term, IT personnel can provide a network hub for multiple fingerprint scanners and thin client combinations.

MinuteHound’s scalable time and attendance time clock solution works with any number of biometric fingerprint scanners in any location. Using thin client technology adds flexibility and cost reductions to a technology which is known for saving payroll processing costs up to eight percent while costing only pennies per employee per day to operate.

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timegenius ltdSummary: fingerprint attendance time clocks are becoming a standard piece of kit within  a lot of organisations, who want to keep an eye on the biggest overhead of any Company, the wages bill.  If you do not keep accurate attendance and time tracking figures, you could be giving your hard earned profits away.

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