Clocking Systems Can Provide Valuable Evidence

Who’s Supervising The Supervisers. Clocking Systems Can Provide Valuable Evidence Of Time Theft, Even When Its A Trusted Senior Employee.

No matter how well you think you know your employees, they may not turn out to be as trustworthy as you’d hoped.  A clocking system is a supervisers manager 24/7 and one that does not require a big salary either, and it will never collude with unfaithful employees to steal time from your Company.

John Nickerson  – Updated 4:17 pm, Thursday, August 1, 2013

shutterstock_67720723STAMFORD — Police arrested a long-time schools custodian for leaving his post while he was clocked in at work earlier this year.

Andrew Shavers, 65, of 1 Southfield Ave., was charged with second-degree larceny for defrauding a public entity, and was released after posting a $15,000 court appearance bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges at the Stamford courthouse Aug. 15.

Police declined to comment on the case, saying that the city’s law department put a “gag order” on releasing any particulars of the case.

The mayor’s office had scheduled a press conference for Thursday afternoon “to discuss two independent, serious personnel issues,” but later postponed the meeting indefinitely. Details of the second personnel issue have not yet been released.

Shavers, is a 42-year city employee at the top of his pay scale and has an annual base salary of $65,000. He took in $91,000 with overtime and other benefits last year.

Shavers vehemently denied the charge, saying that someone is trying to get rid of him.

He said police explained after picking him up at work at  Rippowam Middle School

Thursday morning that someone at city hall requested that police follow him around in an undercover car.

He was told that one day in May police followed him to a podiatrist’s appointment, another appointment and a liquor store, while he was supposed to be working and had clocked in.

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timegenius ltdSummary: This just goes to show how invaluable  clocking systems can be, if you need to gather evidence to prove fraud against an employee of your Company. This is a sad story but should come as no surprise as people will unfortunately bite the hand that feeds them, loyalty is a fast disappearing quality.

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