Clock Cards

We can  supply any type of time card or clock card for the following clock machine’s and time clock’s, time recorders, warranty clock’s, time & date stamps and job clocks.

We can supply any clock card or time card for the following Clock Machines

Seiko QR375, Seiko QR475, Seiko QR350, Seiko QR900

Time & Date Stamps – Seiko TP10, Seiko TP20

Job Clocks – Beatron TP1000, Beatron TP2000

Time Clocks Max ER1100, Max ER1500, Max ER 2100

Also for the following Time Recorders, Amano, Acroprint, Benzing, Lathem, Simplex, Maruzen and many more.

Our Seiko QR375, Seiko QR350 and Seiko QR475 time cards and clock cards are manufactured to the highest standards especially for the Seiko range of clocking on machines, all the Seiko QR range of time cards and clock cards are double sided to facilitate weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll periods.