School Attendance Sacrificed

School Attendance Is One Thing Many Parents Are Prepared To Sacrifice For The Promise Of A Cheaper Package Holiday

timegenius ltdIt looks like the Government is about to change the rules regarding term breaks, giving the authority to the school to set their own term dates, in a bid to improve school attendance figures. As parents choose to save money at the cost of their childrens education by taking holidays during term time.

By    2:28PM BST 03 Jul 2013

shutterstock_52548088 Parents who break school attendance rules and holiday during term time are saving themselves up to £1,000 a trip, according to new research. Despite the fact that many schools routinely impose £50 fines on “unauthorised absences”, which would include family holidays, the cost of this won’t outweigh the savings to be made in many cases. The research by Nationwide Building Society found that 37pc of parents admitted that they had taken their children out of school to get a good deal on a holiday.

On a trip to Euro Disney the cost was almost £400 more expense for a family of four; on a package trip to Spain the cost rose by more than £1,000 – almost half the cost of the holiday.

A number of local authorities now authorise schools to charge a £50 daily penalty on each parent. So on a family of four, this would equate to a £200 daily penalty – (£50 per child, per parent), effectively wiping out any savings made on their holiday. The following, from Camden Council in north London, is the typical message addressed to parents tempted to get away ahead of the holiday price-hikes: “We strongly advise parents not to take leave in term time. There is no automatic right to leave and parents should not assume that a head teacher will agree a request for leave.

If the head teacher does not agree the leave we will support the school’s view and we will not overrule the head teacher’s decision.” It added: “Please note, parents may be asked for medical evidence if your child is absent the week before or after a school holiday.

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The requirement to prove a childs school attendance is as important as ever, its seems some iresponsible parents are quite happy to allow their children to skip school in a bid to save money, and at the risk of heavy fines.  Our electronic student registration system will enable schools to generate an attendance or absenteeism report at the touch of a button, in the event they need to prove a childs school attendance or unauthorised absences.

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