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Biometric Time Clock Software Ensures That Its Buddy Punching That Takes A Vacation. Your Payroll Should Not Be A Gamble!

Biometric time clock software is the ideal solution for keeping track of your short term seasonal contracted employees,  who are from my experience anyway,  less trustworthy when it comes to punctuality and accurate recording of their hours worked,  most probably due to their desire to make as much money as possible in a short a time as possible.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

shutterstock_24884980The great outdoors are calling to plenty of people all over the United States. Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, families, college students and many others are all heading to the camping grounds for some rest and relaxation. As people need to purchase new equipment and want to use some amenities while they are there, the camping industry continues to boom. Meeting these demands are the services of MinuteHound’s newest software, a biometric time clock software attendance program has arrived in plenty of time for camping season.

Before the tents are pitched and the marshmallows roasted, prospective campers are heading to the stores to purchase all of their supplies. With this new influx of customers, shops often have to hire some seasonal employees. Plenty of people are swiping in and out each day, and MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanning timekeeping system is very easy to use. Using biometric technology, data is stored safely and securely to protect the privacy of employees. Fingerprints are never stored, saved, or ever kept on file.

Protecting camping companies is one of the goals this software has as well. Businesses lose so much money to inaccurate time cards, but when fingerprints are used, going around the system is impossible. Employees cannot have other workers sign in for them, so they do not receive credit for time worked. Furthermore, the system sends out a text or email to selected individuals if an employee does not show up on time or leaves early. The company does not have to pay an hourly employee for that time, and the manager will be able to find a replacement quickly. Originally from :

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

MinuteHound announces their new plug and play fingerprint machine that is designed to eliminate time clock theft, human error and increase administrative efficiency. Companies are choosing to switch to biometric based technologies such as the new plug and play fingerprint machine, because biometric technology can track employees’ attendance accurately and effectively.

Companies searching for easy to use biometric attendance software will discover that the biometric fingerprint machine MinuteHound has just released is truly plug and play. There are no learning curves or any training required to use these fingerprint attendance machines.

The biometric time clock software and fingerprint machine only takes minutes to set up and use. These can be plugged into any computer’s USB port. The fingerprint machine scanners, which are available now, can operate up to 50 feet or more from a computer. This allows them to be strategically placed at any location. Once they are set up, Minutehound’s fingerprint machines can be used as clock-in terminals, effectively eliminating the need for punch cards, identification badges, employee attendance sheets, and ID cards.

Registering employees into MinuteHound is very easy. All that is required is for an employee to place either their forefinger or thumb on the fingerprint machine. Once their fingerprint is scanned, the employee’s information can be entered and their identity recognized the next time they log-in to work.

Biometric fingerprint time clocks and software are saving companies a considerable amount of money each year by eliminating wasted time. When employees come in late to work, leave for lunch early or when they forget to clock-out from work, it costs companies money.

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timegenius ltdSummary: Employees clocking on for friends and colleagues, is one problem that will always worry employers, especially new short term employees who do not have a history with your Company, installation of biometric time clock software will sort this age old problem out once and for all.  And has proved time and again to pay for itself over and over.  Why take the risk, call for a price quotation or online demonstration.  Let buddy punching be  a thing of the past, and improve the moral of your employees who do tow the line.

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