Biometric attendance software

Time theft could be costing your Company a lot of money – Biometric recording of your employee’s attendance may be the answer…

Common ways that employee time theft is committed occurs through buddy punching – the practice of employees entering or stamping time cards, punch cards or passwords on behalf of another employee. Time theft could also be committed, intentionally or unintentionally, through employee late arrivals or through lax tracking of sick and vacation days.

Traditional punch card machines, time clocks and even attendance sheets rely on the honor system of each and every employee adhering to the rules set out by management. With a biometric time and attendance system, only verified time that is tied to the true identity of the employee is recorded for administration and integrated for payroll processing.

“Biometric fingerprint and face recognition are at the cutting edge of the most accurate ways to collect employee time and attendance information as they are uniquely linked to each employee and cannot be shared, lost or stolen,” said Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. “With ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, businesses can now easily track employees’ time and attendance with just the touch of a finger through the number one algorithm in the market.”

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Biometrics come in many forms, facial recognition, hand geometry, fingerprint scanners – the correct introduction and education of how these systems work is important, if you are to overcome peoples natural reluctance and prejudices to have their biometric data held in a database.

For instance, when you explain to people that their fingerprint cannot be reproduced from the recorded data, anxiety surrounding the use of biometrics reduces substantially.

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