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We are an independent supplier based in the UK, with over 30 years experience in the industry.

We can supply and install an effective, proven, reliable and efficient time and attendance solution for monitoring employee payroll, efficiency and absenteeism and reduce the administration and paperwork associated with this task.

Whether you’re looking for a simple time and attendance clock or something that is more sophisticated, we have a comprehensive range of the very best products.

Our superb British designed, engineered and manufactured TimeGenius computer linked time and attendance system is proving to be extremely popular, due to it’s rugged reliability and powerful performance.

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TimeGenius  offers full multi-user, multi terminal capabilities, communication between pc and time attendance terminal is live and up to the minute. The TimeGenius software has absence planning and includes full reports for hours worked, auto fire reporting (via iPhone or Blackberry), holidays, sickness, lateness and much more.

Absenteeism can cripple smaller business’s, and it is very important to keep an eye on employee attendance patterns, including lateness and leaving early, which if not stopped could  soon become habitual for a small number of individuals, this can can be damaging to the moral of more punctual conscientious employees.  Keeping track of other types of pre-booked absence, maternity leave, paternity leave, holidays, sickness is easy with a time and attendance program in place, you can know instantly if someone has exceeded their holiday entitlement, and all booked absences can be viewed by generating any one of the comprehensive standard or bespoke reports.  But without doubt our most popular mail order PC linked  time attendance software system is TimeGenius Lite, TimeGenius Lite was designed and created to bring time and attendance within the reach of smaller business’s.


We also supply the latest time and attendance biometric hand punch terminals for extra security, it use’s biometric hand geometry technology, which records over 30,000 data points on each persons hand, while simultaneously carrying out more than 80 measurements of the hands surface area, width and thickness.  If you prefer time attendance fingerprint technology we can offer the most reliable and efficient fingerprint technology available at a more affordable cost.

Whether you have a few employees or several hundred, we’ll provide you with honest advice & guidance on which  solution will best suit your requirements.

If you prefer a more basic solution like a traditional time attendance machine, for example the Seiko QR395, this brand name product has the Seiko reliability and build quality, it prints and calculates the hours worked straight onto the clock card.

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