Student Registration

Student registration for Sixth Form attendance figures is very important, as in some Schools any students with below 90% attendance over the academic year will not be allowed to sit exams.

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Our Biometric Student Registration System will monitor and keep track of Students who if leaving site, must log out,  not only for the attendance record but to ensure the accuracy of any fire evacuation report run in their absence.

It’s important to stress the seriousness of not complying with this, as lives could be put in danger in the event of fire personnel entering a building to search for someone believed to be present but not accounted for in the event of a real fire.  This requirement ensures everyone does register out if leaving site.  All Sixth Form students have Independent Study periods to support their learning, and they are usually expected to stay on site for these IS periods.

Student registration data can also be downloaded to other school management software like SIMS, which allows parents to view the attendance records of their child online through the SIMS Learning Gateway.  Our student registration system is approved and accredited by Capita SIMS.

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