School Attendance

biometric school attendance eRegistration
Students self register for as soon as they arrive at School, this immediately fulfils the statutory requirement for AM/PM registration. The attendance information is immediately available to be viewed as our biometric student attendance eRegistration system operates in “real time”. Staff are free to prepare for lessons and no longer have the chore of taking a manual register.

school attendance key features

Pupils who’s school attendance is poor have a tendency to be lower performers overall.  It goes without saying that a good school attendance record is essential in order for the student or  pupil to gain full advantage of the education being offered to them.

The expectation that schools and local authorities will do their utmost to improve School attendance, by careful promotion and encouragement of the idea that it’s in the best interests of the student or pupil to have a good attendance record,  as missing out on lessons on a regular basis certainly means falling behind in class.

And as you know it is the school’s responsibility  to ensure a child’s right to an education.  This includes keeping an accurate admissions register and more importantly an attendance register of each pupil or student, and the proprietor of a school can be fined for non compliance.  Why take the risk with a manual register the use of an electronic registration system makes the task of registration much easier and far more accurate. With our biometric student attendance eRegistration system, you can rest assured that the pupil registering is actually in attendance.

Persistent absenteeism needs to be addressed early on, pupils may turn up for AM/PM registration but then skip classes, so it’s important to have a school attendance registration system that monitors am and pm registers as well as class attendance.

Defining a pattern of absence is easy using our student attendance eRegistration software, and will enable you to take control of the situation and follow the guidelines set out by the Government and it’s advice on school attendance.

The school attendance register must be kept for at least 3 years, our student attendance eRegistration software enables you to keep this information for as long as you wish, and it is simple to pull out an attendance report for individual students / pupils for any specified period.  Schools are responsible for reporting persistent absenteeism to CMES (Children Missing Education Service) so the ability to pull out this data electronically is a great advantage.

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