Door Entry System

If your considering the introduction of door entry systems or the upgrading of your existing access control system, we can offer you the very latest products and software.

Timegenius supplies Companies large & small, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Councils with tailored solutions and unrivaled after sales support.

Keeping your premises safe and secure for your staff and students is obviously an important factor in any health & safety strategy, we are able to offer you our experience and advise regards your access control requirements. There are many products available, all using similar technologies from traditional magnetic swipe card readers, non-contact proximity card readers to biometric finger print readers.

The latter are very popular as they offer higher security, and peace of mind that only authorised individuals are going to gain secure  access to the building. Schools especially have unique problems in controlling access to school premises, with many media reports of assaults on staff and pupils in inner city schools, parents and teachers are rightly concerned that more needs to be done in order to protect staff, students and pupils from unnecessary dangers from outside influences and individuals.

Even in the private education sector boarding and day schools, access control and electronic school attendance registration have an important part to play in informing staff on the whereabouts of students and pupils, ensuring the duty of care that all schools have towards pupils and students, is carried out to the full.

TimeNet door entry  systems allow you to create a safe and secure working enviroment for your staff and employees.

Door access control is a valuable addition to any working enviroment, safeguarding your employees and premises from intrusion. In online mode the TimeNet door entry system  software will show you in realtime an audit trail of employees and visitors as each card or biometric data is presented to a reader to either gain access or leave the building.

Also with our TimeNet  door entry systems you may connect directly to the fire alarm panel, upon activation of the fire alarm the doors can be programmed if required to fail safe allowing people to exit the premises, a fire report can be sent automatically to a printer of your choice.

Various security groups may be set up allowing or restricting access through different internal doors, entrances and exits by timezone and days of the week.

Different types of  access control readers are available including biometric fingerprint, proximity card, magnetic stripe, bar code and pin number verification.

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