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Online cloud based time and attendance systems seem to be all the rage at the moment. This new release from MinuteHound uses biometric time clocks to ensure that the data collected is accurate and true – This system will be warmly welcomed by employers who suspect that time theft may be a problem within their business…

MinuteHound has released a new web based SaaS time clock featuring online time attendance. Now available, MinuteHound’s newest biometric time clock system, which features online time attendance software, is specially engineered to improve employee efficiency and attendance accountability on the job. Companies with many employees are now switching to the biometric time clock system that MinuteHound is offering.

absenteeismOnline time attendance software has many advantages over other traditional time clock systems, which use time cards or identification badges. Online time attendance software improves management’s efficiency. It equips owners and managers with the ability to schedule employees online, track payroll expenses and to prevent time clock errors from occurring.

Time theft, such as buddy punching, are problems associated with all businesses small to large. This has caused many companies to switch to a more secure time clock and attendance system, like the one MinuteHound now offers. Regardless of their location, owners and company managers can effortlessly track employees, create and change schedules, and produce payroll reports online with the time attendance software that is now available at….More at MinuteHound Releases New Web Time Clock Featuring Online Time Attendance – PR Web (press release)

Biometric time & attendance keeps an accurate count of all employees and their work hours. Right now, most employers use inaccurate methods to record worker time by having them sign a sheet of paper or logging in with a pin and password. These systems are based off an honor system, just hoping employees stay honest and don’t forget to clock-in and out. With MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance, employees don’t get the chance to forget or cover for friends. Biometric time & attendance means employees have to scan their finger or thumb before recording time.

Fingerprints cannot be shared, and each employee has to be physically present in order to punch in and out….More at Biometric Time & Attendance- Prepare For Obama Care! Employee …



Cloud based software solutions for employee time attendance are certainly an interesting option.  Things to consider are access to the data in the event your chosen vendor’s servers fail, if your hard drive fails , as long as you have a good back up regime,  you can be up and running in no time.

But when your crucial payroll data is on someone else’s server, maybe in a different Country, on a different time zone, your at the mercy of their support good or bad.

Just make sure you choose a vendor with proven support who are prepared to go above an beyond the call of duty in the event of an emergency, get references and as many as possible before putting your business in their hands…

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