Clocking In Machines As Popular As Ever

Clocking In Machines are a tried and tested tool in the fight against employee lateness, and are proven to increase punctuality throughout the workforce.  If you thought employee clocking in was a thing of the past – then think again.

How Clocking In Machines Can Benefit Your Employees and Your Business

Clocking in machines

Technology has developed to a point which means that every second of our lives can be recorded and from a business perspective at least this is a positive development. The old notion that ‘time is money’  couldn’t be more true and the development and advancement of clocking in systems means that employees can all be accounted for at all times which is of huge benefit to your business.

The traditional signing in and out sheet has been a success for many years it was inefficient when it came to calculating exactly how many hours an employee works including extra work and time taken out for brakes. Modern clocking in machines are designed to ensure all hours spent in the office are recorded. This makes it easier for business owners and employers to ensure their staff are paid for the hours they work. Using the pen and paper system employees could easily decide to add extra working hours to their shifts; although this is a rarity it could be enough to send the books off kilter.

A modern clocking in machine also facilitates flexible working as the machines can be programmed to give access to people who should be on the premises. All employees can be issued with cards which the machine recognises and enter the building at any time and the security of the building is still secured as unauthorised personnel won’t have the facilities to enter. This means, if necessary for your company, employees can work overnight, start early or work late depending on what their job role includes.

Clocking in systems can also ensure that your employees work the hours they’re contracted to work. This means that instances of lateness and absence will be recorded and can be dealt with accordingly. Many companies have found that the installation of such systems has meant that employees are a lot less likely to turn up late or not at all. Your company may be efficient but without an efficient workforce you’ll get nowhere.   Originally from :


The Amano Clipper clocking in machine pictured above, was a well engineered and reliable work horse that could be trusted to give years of service. Todays technology allows for more sophisticated technologically advanced systems, but they still do the same job whichever you choose, and that’s to encourage your employees to arrive and leave on time.

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