Clock In Machine – Seiko QR475

The Seiko QR475 clock in machine is suitable for 100 employees and is our best seller for Companies with up to 100 employees.

seiko qr475 clocking in clockThis superbly built clock in machine will save you¬†“hours of time” by adding up and totaling the daily and running weekly totals for you, job done.

No more sitting down with a calculator at the end of the payroll period and adding the hours manually, no more calculation mistakes resulting in unhappy employees and the disputes that result from a mis-calculation of how many hours someone has put in

Suitable for a maximum of 100 employees, the Seiko QR475 is suitable for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll periods.

You can also program break and lunch times late in’s and early out’s can also be highlighted.

All clocking’s can be rounded to the nearest 1 minute, 6 minutes or 15 minutes.

The Seiko QR475 comes with FREE DELIVERY 100 time cards and a card holder.

The Seiko QR475 clock in machine¬†is “ready to go” straight out of the box.