Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

The cashless catering mobile POS terminal is a wireless tablet , which can also be used as an offline checkout anywhere there is a WiFi connection.  Basically it’s a mobile till you can move to any location as a backup to cope with extra demand. These mobile POS terminals are very useful in an emergency.

cashless catering key features

ePOS Cashless Catering Terminal
The full sized ePOS Terminal also uses biometric identification.
The catering operator simply selects meal items from the onscreen menu, using the touch sensitive screen, pupil’s authorise each payment by placing their finger or thumb on the fingerprint scanner.

Cashless Catering requires the user to have credit’s in their account. To top up your credit  a you use either a Cash Loader or an online secure payment system.

The Cash Loader is a heavy duty unit, and has a very robust  build utilising a metal casing for extra security, it also has a tamper-proof keypad and high quality optical fingertip sensor which are built to withstand rigorous day to day use.

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